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Petousis-Harris says: “It’s very evident from their reviews that they don’t have any topic expertise. The authors don’t either. It’s a bit remiss when you don’t bring any of a large body [of expert vaccine safety scientists] into your study and manuscript review.” To draw their conclusions, the paper’s authors computed COVID-19 deaths prevented by vaccines by using data from a study of 1.2 million Israelis, half of whom received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and half of whom did not. They estimated that 16,000 people needed to be vaccinated to prevent one COVID-19 death—a measure that is problematic, critics say, because as a vaccine succeeds, the visit this page number of people that must be vaccinated to prevent a death grows ever-larger. To compute deaths “caused” by vaccine side effects, they used EU data on the number of vaccine doses delivered in the Netherlands and data from that country’s national database for adverse drug reaction reporting, which was more voluminous than registry data from other EU countries. The Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Center, called Lareb, is similar to the United States’s VAERS reporting system , in which anyone can file a report of an adverse event that occurs after vaccination; the existence of a report in the database does not prove a vaccine caused an adverse event or death. Such databases are not used to systematically assess vaccine risks, but to search for early signals of rare but real vaccine side effects, such as the clotting disorder associated with some COVID-19 vaccines, that can then be followed up with systematic study. The website of the Dutch registry clearly notes its reports do not imply causality. But the authors reported that, using it, they found “16 serious side effects per 100,000 vaccinations and the number of fatal side effects is at 4.11/100,000 vaccinations. For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination.” On 25 June, the day after the paper’s publication, Lareb’s head of science and research, Eugène van Puijenbroek, sent an email to ’s editors, criticizing the paper and requesting a correction or retraction. “A reported event that occurred after vaccination is … not necessarily being caused by the vaccination, although our data was presented as being causally related by the authors,” van Puijenbroek wrote. “Suggesting all reports with a fatal outcome to be causally related is far from truth.” He also took the authors to task for stating in the paper that “the Dutch [registry] data, especially the fatal cases, were certified by medical specialists.” “This point is simply incorrect,” van Puijenbroek wrote. “The authors seem to refer to [Lareb’s] policy plan. However, in this plan (in Dutch), it is nowhere mentioned that the reports are ‘certified’ by medical specialists.” Insider, van Puijenbroek also worried that the paper will erode public willingness to report to the Dutch registry. “[People who report adverse events to us] have to be sure that the data they are contributing will be used in a correct and scientific sound way. Articles like this undermine this confidence.” Walach, the first author, says he stands by the paper. He adds that the clinical trials of the vaccines that are now authorized for emergency use, which involved tens of thousands of people, “were not big enough or long enough to really see whatever safety concerns you will have.” Aukema adds that he’s pleased about the controversy, because it means “the [COVID-19 vaccine safety] topic is getting a lot of attention. I’m happy about that.” The three authors submitted a rebuttal to ’s expression of concern on 29 June. In it, they write that they interpreted Lareb’s public statements “to mean that those reports that are obviously without any foundation are taken out such that the final data-base is at least reliable to some degree.” The authors also insist that they did not imply that the side effects reported in the Dutch registry were necessarily caused by COVID-19 vaccines.

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Big 12 officials discuss extra revenue shares for Texas, Oklahoma as enticement not to leave for SEC Though Texas and Oklahoma appear SEC bound, the Big 12 has not given up hope Jul 24, 2021 at 5:44 pm ET Big 12 officials have discussed a structure in which Texas and Oklahoma would receive additional revenue shares as a way of enticing the two schools to remain in the conference rather than pursue a future in the SEC, conference sources have told CBS Sports. Such a structure would grant the Longhorns and Sooners an additional half-share annually (1.5 shares each), bumping their payouts to approximately $56 million per year. The other eight schools would decrease their payouts accordingly. Big 12 schools currently average $37 million in annual TV rights earnings, including revenue from bowl games and the NCAA Tournament . The topic became a discussion point Thursday night during the conference call with Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby. Texas and Oklahoma were not part of the call. One person familiar with the conversation stressed the revenue share idea was "from the 50,000-foot level" and preliminary in nature.  Follow live developments of Texas and Oklahoma's expected Big 12 departure. Texas and Oklahoma are expected to inform the Big 12 on Monday of their intent to not renew their grant of rights agreements with the league, effectively indicating their departure from the conference. That agreement lasts through the 2024-25 athletic season. What is not known is when the Longhorns and Sooners hope to actually leave the Big 12. As CBS Sports reported Friday, the Big 12 powers would owe the conference as much as $80 million each should they leave before the current TV rights deal expires. One industry source told CBS Sports that such a bold move could serve as a warning to a conference like the Big Ten, which must ensure it keeps Ohio State and Michigan from moving in the future. There are exceptions, but most FBS conferences share revenue equally. While the Big 12 revenue play may be a longshot, league sources tell CBS Sports that the conference hasn't given up on keeping Texas and Oklahoma in the fold. Retaining UT and OU was the first stated goal in a summary provided by the Big 12 following that Thursday night conference call. If Texas and Oklahoma move to the SEC as expected, there will be a financial windfall for those schools and the SEC as a whole. SEC teams currently earn an average of $44 million per year from their rights agreement, a figure that could balloon to over $60 million with UT and OU in tow.